Starting Again with Image and Branding

Maybe you have already built your brand or you are just starting with a business but you want to get a new image that really pops with the potential customers out there. Rebranding is actually fairly easy. Perhaps the branding you started with is not working out or you have a new idea that you know will draw more customers.

It all starts with image. The way to catch followers, to captivate an audience, is with clear imagery that sticks in the mind. You are learning how to rebrand a company and you might know that means changing your signs and symbols.

how to rebrand a company

For example, if all you are doing for marketing on your company vehicles is just a basic sign on the trucks or vans with a phone number and web address, it is not enough. Instead, you should consider getting good vehicle wraps so that your vehicles can be identified and remembered. That means color and imagery that is consistent.

When you create a new image, a new brand, have it put on the website, on signs, on the vehicle wraps, and on all your cards. This is what creates a new brand and it works quickly. Think about all the brands you know well and remember easily. It is largely due to the colors used on their logos. It is due to the designs they put on their products and signs. You get the point.

With vehicle wraps, you want to have them all made the same so go with a company that does all the printing in one place at one time. This will assure that the colors remain consistent with each vehicle so they can all look identical.

Do the same thing with your signs, website, printed material, and any product wrappers and boxes that you also use for branding and selling.